The REALTOR® Network

As a member of the Canadian Real Estate Association, (CREA) which is affiliated with the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) in the United States, the Association of Regina REALTORS® Inc is part of a national and international real estate network. With access to the latest trends, technologies and marketing information - the Association of Regina REALTORS® Inc. (ARR) is raising the bar in professional real estate services.

Since 1912, property owners in Regina have been able to rely on the high standards of service provided by the Association of Regina REALTORS® Inc. The ARR's mission over the years has been to encourage professionalism, administer a Code of Ethics and a standards of business practice and improve customer service. 

As a result of the commitment and dedication of its members, Regina enjoys the advantages of being served by one of the best real estate associations in Canada.