New to the real estate industry? We want you!

The Young Professionals Network is just what it sounds like…but more! Join a group of enthusiastic up-and-comers looking to learn, connect with the REALTOR® community, and contribute to the things they’re passionate about!

What we’ll offer you…
The opportunity to participate and be heard.  Yes, we are looking for that fresh perspective you can offer as a newbie to the industry! We will connect you with experienced agents and welcome you to participate on committees and task forces in areas that interest you. We also do “extras” targeted at our YPs – extra networking events, extra learning opportunities, extra support. (Don’t worry - if you’re an industry veteran, we won’t turn you away!)

What we hope to find in you…

The promise of a bright future for the real estate community. Enthusiasm, engagement, and leadership are just a few of the things we’ve seen from our Young Professionals! They are ambassadors for the industry, the association, and the community. We couldn’t be prouder!


The Committee shall consist of members as appointed by the Board of Directors, shall act as the voice of the new and young members of the ASR and shall provide innovative ideas to enhance communication and efficiency of the provincial real estate industry as a whole.

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