Forms are an everyday part of real estate. 

One of the perks of membership is access to over 70 local and provincial standard forms in addition to the mandatory forms provided by the Commission. You can use them to help you conform with best practice principles and real estate regulations.

The forms should work for you – not make work for you!

REALTOR® Forms will be updated in March 2018. Click here to see all the enhancements that will implemented. 

Do you see an opportunity for improving our current forms? Changes are implemented when you speak out and let us know! We’ll take your suggestion to the next Forms Committee meeting for consideration. Send us a detailed email including the form name, number, your recommended changes and the reason for the change, and the best way to contact you with any questions.  And thanks for the feedback! 

Online forms


Members can find both REALTOR® exclusive and mandatory forms on WEBForms®. WEBForms® is a CREA product available on REALTOR Link® which provides REALTORS® with a convenient way to view, complete, manage, and publish all the forms needed in a real estate transaction. 

Order paper forms


If you prefer hard copy or don’t have access to WEBForms®, we offer purchase options for mandatory forms. Order here

Order stickers


We have a number of stickers available for purchase as well - everything you might need to simplify your job! Click here for a full list and to order.