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Ready to join the Association of Saskatchewan REALTORS®? Great! Here are a couple things you may not know:
  1. All REALTORS® are real estate professionals, but not all real estate professionals are REALTORS®. Only members of the Canadian Real Estate Association are REALTORS®.
  2. When you join your local association, you automatically become a member of the ASR  (your provincial association) and CREA (your national association).  It’s like a three-for-one deal! Each Association specializes in something a little bit different. Learn more by visiting their sites.



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Why should you become a member? Your local, provincial and national associations work together - and work hard - to make the real estate community a better place. At the ASR, we’re committed to Communicate. Educate. Advocate. That encompasses the bulk of what we do, but ask our members - Saskatchewan REALTORS® - and they’ll tell you that there are a few essential services we provide:

  1. Access to MLS® System. You might know it as, or simply the largest real estate database in the country. But if you’re not a member, you’re missing out on the many benefits of the MLS® System. 
  2. Standard Forms. Our members tell us this is their number one priority, and so we make sure to mention it as one of the many reasons you should consider membership at the ASR! We work with our members throughout the year to ensure these forms are working for you, and not against you. We take your feedback and actually utilize it to constantly improve on our forms, which helps the way you do business!
  3. The opportunity to contribute to the well-being of the REALTOR® community. We’re always looking for members who want to contribute in a variety of ways – joining a board or committee, attending a government relations or community event, seeking out a new learning opportunity…the ASR works with our members to find out what’s important to them and looks for ways to incorporate it into our business!

To become a Saskatchewan REALTOR®, and a member of the Association of Saskatchewan REALTOR®, contact your local Association: