If you have practiced as a real estate agent in another part of Canada, you might be able to use the education you took there to meet the requirements of the Saskatchewan Real Estate Commission. This process is called reciprocity, and it is subject to a few conditions.

You'll be required to review information on Saskatchewan specific issues and to sign a declaration that acknowledges your obligation to:
  • know, understand, and practice in strict accordance with The Real Estate Act of Saskatchewan including its Regulations and Bylaws;
  • familiarize yourself with the laws of Saskatchewan as they apply to real estate;
  • only engage in work or provide services when you are competent to do so; and 
  • abide by any restrictions or conditions that may be imposed upon the issuance of your license (restrictions related to specific areas of practice or educational requirements addressing practice issues unique to Saskatchewan).

If the previous jurisdiction did not have occupational standards for a specific specialty of practice (such as residential, commercial, farm, or property management) you may have additional educational requirements. A criminal record check by fingerprint comparison will be required before being granted a license or registration with the Saskatchewan Real Estate Commission.  

Once you have completed your review, please submit the Reciprocity Disclaimer and Declaration. For additional information and to apply for reciprocity, please visit the Saskatchewan Real Estate Commission.