ASR History

The Association of Saskatchewan REALTORS® is the primary advocate for the REALTOR® community in Saskatchewan. As a not-for-profit organization, it provides direction, leadership, and support services to its members, the industry, and the public.

Approximately 88 percent of all registrants in the province have chosen to be members of the ASR. Established in 1949, several real estate brokers felt that, if they formed an association, it would help the industry become more professional and establish a voice for real estate across the province. They felt they could assist with the formation of boards and make recommendations to the Government of Saskatchewan concerning a real estate licensing act.

Since then, through effective communication and quality education, the ASR has striven to ensure a healthy real estate environment that increases the quality of life in our communities. Real estate is at the core of our economy and advocating for a strategic sustainable approach ensures continued prosperity in Saskatchewan.

Annual Reports


Local Boards and Councils

Local boards and councils work closely with practicing real estate brokers and salespersons. They promote high professional standards and co-operation within their locales.

The strength of the local board/council is of the utmost importance in developing good relations between the industry and the public. The board/council also serves to maintain a spirit of co-operation among real estate practitioners in this highly competitive business and thereby improve the quality of service to the public.

To this end, the board/council operates the Multiple Listing Service® (MLS®) which is an ongoing inventory of available residential, commercial, farm, and vacation properties. This marketing system has proven to be an invaluable tool to both the industry and the public. The MLS® System is available exclusively to members of organized real estate, and CREA serves as custodian of the MLS® System certification trademark.

Some general objectives of local boards include the following:

  • to demonstrate good community citizenship and enhance the image of the Board/Council to its members and the public
  • to establish and enforce professional standards of qualification and practice for board/council membership
  • to identify, develop, and deliver programs and services of benefit to the members, including those related to education and computerization
  • to maintain a continuing relationship with local, provincial, and federal politicians
  • to monitor and influence policy affecting real estate

The Canadian Real Estate Association

The Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA)
 is the national REALTORS® association. This organization is comprised of all provincial real estate associations and local boards throughout the country and is concerned with developing co-operation and improving real estate practices across Canada.

  • CREA provides the organization, resources and expertise to monitor effectively, liaise with, and lobby the federal government on legislation and issues that affect the real estate industry and livelihood of members
  • CREA provides professional and vital services in matters of competition law and professional standards
  • CREA promotes, monitors, and enforces proper usage to protect valuable trademarks that serve as marketing tools for members
  • CREA provides programs and services that offer direct personal benefits to members
  • CREA offers members specialized educational programs, services, and resources
  • CREA provides the necessary central organization to unify and promote co-operation between all levels of organized real estate in Canada.

The Saskatchewan Real Estate Commission

The Saskatchewan Real Estate Commission (Commission)
 is charged with administering The Real Estate Act as well as formulating and enforcing bylaws. The Commission represents the interests of all real estate practitioners (registrants) within the province. The following is the Commission’s mandate:

  • to maintain registration licensing of brokers, managers, and salespeople
  • to develop special projects for the educational benefit of all registrants in the province
  • to keep registrants abreast of new and changing developments in the real estate industry
  • to establish and promote high standards of professionalism, competence, and integrity
  • to serve as a liaison between the general real estate industry and consumers of the services (the public)
  • to investigate complaints from within the industry and from the general public
  • to administer the interest bearing trust accounts
  • to audit broker’s trust accounts
  • to administer the Real Estate Assurance Fund
  • to approve mandatory forms for use by all registrants.

The Commission is dedicated to the enhancement of the real estate environment in Saskatchewan for the benefit of the general public and real estate registrants.