There may be an instance when you feel that you have been misrepresented and want to make a complaint. If you are in such a situation, we advise you to take the following steps:

  1. Most problems occur because of miscommunication. Talk with your REALTOR® to clarify your concern.
  2. If that doesn’t work, take your concern to the managing Broker of your REALTORS® office. Use our Find a REALTOR®  search page.
  3. If you want to take the matter further, you’ll need to decide whether it’s a matter for your REALTORS® real estate association or for the Saskatchewan Real Estate Commission (the regulatory body responsible for administering the Real Estate Act).

For a complaint form, please scroll down and select the one that applies to your situation. A copy of the REALTOR® Code of Ethics is linked below. 


REALTOR® Code of Ethics

Real Estate Association


The Association deals with complaints that involve ethics, standards of business practice, MLS® Rules and the Association's bylaws.

Examples of areas the Association of Regina REALTORS® inc. investigates:

speaking badly of other licensees in an attempt to gain business

lack of cooperation between board members

licensee entering a home without first making an appointment (if it was required)

violations of Board mandated codes of ethics and standards of business practice

The Association is not involved in the awarding of monetary damages. It can impose fines, membership suspensions or require a member to attend specified courses.

If your concern appears to be a matter for the Association:

1 - Complete the Association of Regina REALTORS® Inc. Complaint Form and submit.

Saskatchewan Real Estate Commission

The Commission handles infractions of the Real Estate Act which includes both professional misconduct and conduct unbecoming.

Examples of matters the Saskatchewan Real Estate Commission investigates:

mishandling of deposits

concealing property defects


unauthorized signing of documents

secret commissions

professional misconduct including incompetence and conduct unbecoming of a registrant

The Saskatchewan Real Estate Commission is not empowered to award or mediate monetary damages. Such matters are more properly dealt with through civil action. The Council can impose administrative penalties, order reprimands, fines, suspensions or cancel a licence as well as impose hearing costs.

If your concern appears to be a matter for the Saskatchewan Real Estate Commission:

1 - Go here. Saskatchewan Real Estate Commission Complaint Information

2 - Send to the Commission.